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Bitcoin Is About To Get A New Home, It’s Called Bitcointopia, But We Prefer Bit Vegas
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Bitcoin Is About To Get A New Home, It’s Called Bitcointopia, But We Prefer Bit Vegas

Imagine if Bitcoin got its own Disney World. A magical land built upon imagination and in this instance, blockchain technology. Well, according to BTCManager, we’re about to see a project of this nature spring up within a 3,000 acre plot in Elko County, Nevada, USA. Named ‘Bitcointopia’ the project is set to build a futuristic city based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The official currency for Bitcointopia will of course be Bitcoin, and Bitcoin will be available to the masses who use the city. All bills, services and local commerce will be payable with Bitcoin and moreover, land within the 3,000 acre plot is for sale, via Bitcoin. Bitcointopia is the vision of Morgan Rockwell. Rockwell believes that blockchain technology is the future and thus, believes that the production of Bitcointopia will offer a glimpse into a world where true cryptocurrency adoption takes hold, giving power back to the people and the citizens, away from banks and government financial systems. According to BTCManager, Rockwell has said: “Eventually we’re going to try and make partnerships with technology companies like Amazon, Google and Tesla that want to showcase their products in Bitcointopia. They can come to open, fresh land and try out their research and development projects without a mob-run city telling them how to do it. It takes effort, but we’re hoping that, as we build it, they will join us.” As a matter of fact, Bitcointopia are even considering seceding from the United States of America, meaning that Bitcointopia could become a country within its own right. According to BTCManager: “Bitcointopia will be the capital of the new nation we are proposing to be formed under the legal standard of the Treason Act of 1495, the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, the Montevideo Convention in 1934, the Outerspace Treaty of 1966, International Law, US Constitutional Law under Article 5 and the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization of 2011.” You can see the full article for yourself, here. Of course, this latter notion, seceding from the USA is a little extreme, but at least it lets us consider just how serious Rockwell is about this project. Bitcointopia could be the start of something very big and very exciting. Whilst it is going to take a while to develop and a long time to grow, this is doing great things for crypto adoption globally and of course, is helping us stick some promising news into the media. The only problem we have with this… we wish Rockwell could have called it Bit-Vegas instead, oh well.

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