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A Huge Verge Crowdfunding Campaign Goes Live
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A Huge Verge Crowdfunding Campaign Goes Live

The Verge x PornHub partnership would never had been possible had it not been for a large scale crowdfunding campaign set up by Verge, which promised to initiate the biggest partnership for cryptocurrency adoption to date. The campaign was a total success and indeed, did lead to a partnership. The Verge x PornHub Partnership. Today, the Verge community have established a new crowdfunding campaign, though this time, the cause is a little different. Humanity as a Choice Verge Partnership Image sourced from: Ethereum World News Verge have established a crowdfunding campaign to raise money in the form of XVG and Bitcoin for victims of the recent flooding in Japan, which is said to have taken over 100 lives already. With the death toll rising at an alarming rate, this is a part of the world now in dire need of assistance. Verge are hoping to provide just some of that, through this latest campaign. According to a tweet by Verge, they will be assisting Binance in their charity efforts, people who are willing to donate can do so via an XVG and a BTC wallet address, as seen on the Verge Twitter page - @vergecurrency This is a great example of how community within cryptocurrency can be utilised at very short notice to provide finance to a point of need. Within traditional donation methods, this would require a slow and costly cash transfers to a charity, who would then deal with distributing the funding. Within cryptocurrency, charities on the ground in the crisis zone have access to almost instant external funding. Actually, when you think about it, this could really save lives. Our thoughts go out to those affected by this tragedy in Japan. Hopefully further damage and loss of life can be controlled and soon enough, we hope that the authorities take control of the situation. Otherwise if you’re in a position to do so, please help both Verge and Binance with their charity efforts. As a community, this is something that we can really make a difference too.

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