Your Hearts Not Really In Crypto Until You Use This

Your Hearts Not Really In Crypto Until You Use This

In the war between hot, online storage and cold, offline storage, it was only a matter of time before fashion weighed in to give trend conscious investors a reason to switch to a cold storage solution. If that’s not enough, this one uses your heartbeat for authentication, try and get your head round that! ‘TROVE’ is a new project by Layer Design that incorporates a cold storage wallet, accessible through Bluetooth and a mobile phone application that essentially turns the cold storage wallet into a ‘warm’ hybrid. According to Layer:

“TROVE is a wearable device providing a way to store and manage digital currency for daily spending and trading. The system stores cryptocurrency offline on the hardware – rather than online – meaning it is less susceptible to hackers. Users unlock the system using their ECG signature – a biometric method of verification that recognises a user’s unique heartbeat pattern – by touching the contact zone on the front. This activates the Bluetooth, which communicates with the user’s smartphone and allows funds to be accessed."


“Unlike other cryptocurrency wallets, which rely on complex password systems, it is impossible to lose or forget the authentication for Trove. Trove comprises an interchangeable, fashion driven wearable, a simple and intuitive app and an induction charging stand.”

This is well and truly fascinating. So, in essence, this device uses multiple working parts to give the owner access to their wallet. As a part of this, authentication also exists through an ECG Signature, or a heartbeat, which uses artificial intelligence to recognise a user’s heartbeat and thus grants the user access to the service, within which they can manage their cryptocurrency wallet. Naturally, you can’t forget your heartbeat and therefore, this provides a fool proof system within which the user can never lose access to their assets. By the looks of it, TROVE is cross compatible so therefore, even if you lose the TROVE device, you can still access your wallet, using your heartbeat on another device. It’s ultra-utopian and I do wonder how easy it is to replicate an ECG Signature, therefore the integrity of TROVE may call to question. At the moment however, as a prototype this is a really cool product and could pave the way for a new future convergence between cryptocurrency hardware and fashion. It makes sense at least, with more and more people taking to cold storage options. Traditionally too, you wouldn’t buy an ugly wallet or purse, would you? Therefore, perhaps TROVE is actually just the organic result of our Human desire to look great? Either way, it’s cool and I want one already.

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