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You Can Now Transfer Ether In Chat

You Can Now Transfer Ether In Chat
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Ether in Chat Graphic With Ethereum Logo And Cirlces

The Ethereum cryptocurrency has attained a new level of financial value, ranking as the second highest cryptographic currency in the world, becoming one of the most widespread and commonly used tokens amongst the entire crypto-industry. Assimilating the Ether token into an extensive array of decentralized-applications (DApps) brings even more value to the token as a currency. To add to this growing list, the ADAMANT Messenger team have created a feature specifically for the use of Ethereum tokens, allowing Ethers to be sent and received within chats.

Some examples of this use, include:

  • A platform for financial transactions.
  • An e-commerce application to sell personal goods and services.
  • A private communication platform for buyers.

Such a large market in today’s world can add to the ever-growing list of use-cases for the Ethereum network, dApps that utilize the Ethereum token and increase it’s real-life utility, creating and adding value as the technology becomes further adopted and easier to use. The simplicity of the ADAMANT Messenger is likely to bring true-worth to the adoption of the token-economy, and cryptocurrency technology alike.

How in-Chat Ethereum transfers work:

  • Open a chat with whom you want to send a payment.
  • Click the “Plus” sign to the left of Message input field.
Example of Ether in Chat App in Action
  • Choose “Send ADM” or “Send ETH” (more options will be added soon).
  • Enter amount and confirm your transaction.
Example of Ether in Chat App in Action
  • That’s it!
Example of Ether in Chat App in Action

As described earlier: How ETH transactions in ADAMANT Messenger work, using this feature is completely secure, only you own the Ether wallet in your ADAMANT account.

To send ETH in-chats, you will need to top-up your ETH wallet in the ADAMANT Messenger. You can do this casually by transferring ETH from any other wallet (such as: MyEtherWallet) or exchange (e.g. Bittrex). You can find your Ethereum wallet address on the “Wallet” tab, and copy it by tapping on the “Copy” icon.

Example of Ether in Chat App in Action

Despite these incredible benefits with a fully-compatible, the ADAMANT ICO is still running, but is ending soon on 1 July 2018. If these private services are beneficial to you, or you realize the potential value in this platform, then we advise you to take-part in our program and join the team to help build the future of messaging together.

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