Will HelloIOTA See IOTA Skyrocket?

Will HelloIOTA See IOTA Skyrocket?

IOTA is a very community focused blockchain project. Moreover, in terms of currency and value, the IOTA community do come together to celebrate the good times and the bad times. At the moment, we are unfortunately seeing bad times, times which are seeing the value of IOTA sink as a part of a bear market that seems to have a lethal grip on the markets. We must remember that to some investors, this is a good thing and of course does present many with the opportunity to buy. At this point, please remember that this is not investment advice. If you wish to invest, do so at your own risk with your own prior research. The only way you can succeed in crypto-investment is by completing adequate research, to get yourself ahead of the game. So, what is HelloIOTA? HelloIOTA is a new community led website, built for the IOTA community to catch the latest news and information regarding the IOTA project. This is a rare example of a community engaged activity. Cryptocurrencies operate their websites in different ways, Ripple for example use one website for everything (the mediation of Ripple information, product information, blog posts and general news). Then we have Bitcoin.com, a website made for a cryptocurrency that technically has no true ownership, so, who’s in charge here? HelloIOTA is very clear about their stance. This is not a site that has been produced by IOTA, instead, it is an organic project of the IOTA community. You can use HelloIOTA to find the latest IOTA news and to even access some tutorials that promise to get you ‘up to speed’ in IOTA in just 15 minutes, covering topics such as ‘What is IOTA?’ ‘How do I get IOTA?’ and ‘Where do I keep IOTA?’. Check it out here- www.helloiota.com What is the aim of HelloIOTA? Well, according to HelloIOTA:

“A persistent problem in the IOTA ecosystem has been fragmentation of resources and scattered content. In an effort to resolve this fragmentation, we decided to build a platform that we would want to read every week ourselves – a platform with a variety of consistent weekly articles. From breaking news to deeper thought pieces, Hello IOTA will be the primary place to find high quality news and information in the IOTA ecosystem.”


“As focused as we are on producing high quality content, we’re equally concerned with providing a strong platform for the aggregation of community-sourced knowledge and long form communication. To that extent, the Hello IOTA forum will be actively monitored for users seeking assistance. We’re eager to grow the forum into fertile grounds for community interaction. Ultimately, the forum will provide the means for information posterity, without which we’d be left with only live chat and upvote-oriented platforms.”

This is a website that aims to not only help IOTA grow, but to also grow with IOTA. Granted, it might not have allowed IOTA to skyrocket yet, but as HelloIOTA grows, it could very well have a big impact on the value of the currency too. I find this sort of community spirit inspiring, and I bet it’s taking a lot of pressure off the core IOTA marketing team, just for a start. Check it out for yourself, but make sure you do remember www.cryptodaily.co.uk for all your on-trend IOTA news, and more!

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