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What Does The Future Hold For Cryptocurrencies?
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What Does The Future Hold For Cryptocurrencies?

We often base our articles on vlogs and YouTube videos, simply because its often nice to physically hear what people are thinking with regards to cryptocurrency. Reading the news can be a chore, so, often, a video can help lighten the mood, yet still apply some thoughtful input into the ‘crypto-debate’. Louis Thomas, author and YouTuber is the face in front of one of our go to channels, simply because their calm, collected attitude gives what they say some real bearing. Of course, Thomas admits that their words are not investment advice (importantly) but, even so, Thomas helps to provide clear and concise information that can be used to inform one’s own research and portfolio management. To put it short, if you want to find a reliable, easy to watch crypto-vlogger, here you go- Louis Thomas (YouTube) @LouisThomasYT In a recent video, Thomas discusses some ‘fun’ predictions for the next few years of cryptocurrency. This is of course important to think about as many investors are in this for the long run, therefore, what we see today is only a small part of a very large picture. Whilst the future is hard/impossible to predict, it is good to think about and ponder, as Thomas does so well. You can see the full video for yourself, here- What does the future hold? (Cue the crystal ball). As Thomas argues, and we of course agree, institutional investment is the future and will be the catalyst in any future cryptocurrency booms. It is inevitable. This is simply because these sorts of investors have the financial power to make colossal waves within the markets. This investment may very well be on a scale that the markets have never seen before. Moreover, institutional investment will help to confirm to the rest of the world that cryptocurrency is real, legitimate and, most importantly – important. After this, we will see adoption, the dream scenario for what is often the majority of the crypto-sphere. This is something we are truly behind too. As Thomas argues, adoption is an inevitable reaction in response to large scale investment. We should consider that adoption will eventually lead to the settling of the markets and thus, a more mature and controlled market will stem from this. Some projects will hold a monopoly (although Bitcoin may not always be in charge here) so we could very well see new cryptocurrencies lead the markets in the same way Google eventually look to lead the internet (in a respect). Thomas discusses all of this and more, we are only scratching the surface here. Therefore, I suggest you sit back and have a watch of this video. Remember, the future is bright for crypto and therefore, it is something we need to start thinking about now, not only in terms of investment but on a societal level too. Is crypto going to change the world?

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