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TRX Price Shoots As TRON Foundation Release Odyssey v2.0.3, Token Migration Begins

TRX Price Shoots As TRON Foundation Release Odyssey v2.0.3, Token Migration Begins
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With so much going on behind the scenes of the TRON MainNet launch at the moment, it is pretty easy to forget exactly where the project stands and what is happening with the roll out. Over the past few weeks, TRON has been subject to a series of updates and testing procedures that are being carried out to ensure the full MainNet and token migration can be completed in the most stable manner. Because of this, the value of TRX has remained low but continuous. With TRX now on the verge of a full token migration from Ethereum’s ERC-20 token to a native TRX platform, we are seeing some new figures pumped back into the value of TRX, interestingly, this falls in like with the launch of the new TRON Odyssey update, v2.0.3, now available on the TRON GitHub page. You can find Odyssey v2.0.3 here- As it stands, TRON is merely hours way from starting the token migration process. As a TRON investor, there’s not a lot you need to do, many wallets and exchanges are facilitating the token swap, so in essence your current TRX ERC-20 tokens will be automatically replaced by the native TRX token. The full swap won’t be carried out until the 24th of June, therefore as you can guess, this is going to be a lengthy process. With this in mind though, due to the excellent preparation served by the TRON Foundation, we can expect this to occur with as few glitches as possible. At the time of writing, TRON’s TRX is valued at $0.048, up 2.16%. Over the past week, from around the 13th of June, TRX has seen an increase in value, moving up from $0.0396, up to $0.0453 over a week, before seeing a spike up to $0.050. With the current price of TRX in mind and of course its currently positive trajectory, we can expect to see TRX remain at values nearing $0.050, this is a very healthy figure indeed, considering the recent market movements. Over the next few days the value of TRON is expected to change significantly, this is the start of a brand-new era for TRON and therefore, we should be watching TRON and TRX very closely indeed.

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