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The Crypto Refresh June 8th 2018

The Crypto Refresh June 8th 2018
Breaking News / Cryptocoins / Exchanges / IOTA / Ripple
It’s time for another weekend addition of our famed publication, The Crypto Refresh. If its your first time here, welcome to paradise. If you’re an attuned Crypto Refresh veteran, welcome back. If you have no idea what’s happening, how you got here or what you’re doing here, fear not… just read on, you might enjoy it! This week has seen the cryptocurrency markets take somewhat of a turn. Granted, the turn has been slight, but we have seen some forward progression made in a stark contrast against the previous few weeks of negativity that have dragged the markets downwards. Let’s take a look at some of the weeks big stories. Japanese Regulations Hit HitBTC Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC has fallen victim to the Japanese exchanged regulations and thus has been forced to cease trading in Japan. In essence, HitBTC needed to make adjustments to their operations in order to continue trading in Japan, however, they seemed unwilling to do so and thus have closed their doors in Japan, for good. VCTRADE, SBI Virtual Currencies New Exchange More news from Japan this week, as financial group SBI Holdings establish a new exchange called VCTRADE. The company have opted to list Ripple as their first tradeable currency, with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to be added soon after. Microsoft Buy Github This week, Microsoft have purchased open-source software and code platform Github. Within the Github repository, developers can access code which can be re-conditioned for a number of reasons. This makes a new era for Microsoft and suggests that they are going to be focusing on some new software projects in the future. This news however, may have a profound effect on a number of cryptocurrencies, check out the story above. Ripple, to Coinbase? So, with Coinbase announcing a move to Japan (it’s been pretty busy in Japan this week by all accounts), we have speculated that with it, could come a listing for XRP on the Coinbase exchange, simply down to the fact that XRP is the favoured currency in Japan. Whilst the likelihood of this is uncertain at the moment, we can at least see how and why this may be advantageous for both Ripple and Coinbase. IOTA Announce Qubic Well, sort of… IOTA have announced an announcement about Qubic, detailing what the future will hold for Qubic. With no direct or full disclosure about the project however, IOTA as a currency has not faired so well this week. Qubic is something we will be keeping an eye on for now. Swiss Bank Becomes First to Allow Crypto Business Accounts A bank in Switzerland has become the worlds first to facilitate business accounts for their business customers who are using cryptocurrencies. It’s a bold move that could inject some new banking x crypto motions into both Switzerland and surrounding areas within Europe. Of course, much much more has happened this week, the Crypto Refresh simply aims to provide just a snippet of the news. For the full scope, check out our breaking news page, trawl through the archives and get up to date with what’s happened, what’s happening and what will happen. See you next time!

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