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The Crypto Refresh June 24th 2018

It’s time to refresh yourself, what’s happened with the markets? What’s happened with the news? If these are the questions you are asking yourself, panic not, the crypto refresh is here.

The crypto refresh is designed to do one thing – that is, to summarise the weeks crypto news into one bitesize chunk. Now remember, this is not a full version of events, actually, cryptocurrencies are busy bees and thus the news is rife. For a full version of events then, hit up our breaking news page to get all of the news.

In fact, let me save you a job –

Otherwise, here’s our little summary, I hope you like it.

The World Cup Football Team
We posted an article in which we selected our starting XI. Not really cryptocurrency news, but it at least provides us with a bit of light entertainment, in a plummeting market.

Bitcoin May Break the Internet
The Bank of International Settlements (Switzerland) have published a report which claims that Bitcoin could break the internet. By this, they refer to technology not being ready for Bitcoin adoption and that in order for us to really be able to adopt cryptocurrencies, we need to improve our technology first. We already knew that though, right?

Ripple CEO Believes South Korea is the Future
Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple believes that South Korea is the real future hob of cryptocurrency.

Litecoin Futures See’s new listing on Crypto Facilities
Crypto Facilities, a coin trading platform has recently added support for Litecoin Futures. Some believe that this listing could in turn encourage Litecoin to rake in $150 Million in trading volume in as little as three months.

Huobi HB10 Index Added to Bloomberg
The Huobi HB10 Index had been added to the Bloomberg Terminal, the quintessential financial market tool. This in turn will give over 300,000 users access to Huobi’s comprehensive data index.

Bithumb Subject to $30 Million Hack
Once again, the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has fallen subject to another large scale hack. Fortunately, the exchange has reacted quickly and have promised to compensate those who have had assets stolen in this hack. Overall though, this is getting a little bit embarrassing.

That’ll do for now.

As ever, this only really scratches the surface, so, if you’ve missed out, have a look through our records and get yourself wised up.

Otherwise, we will be here all week to continue to provide you with our top-notch news service. Crypto is our passion, thanks for sharing it with us!

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