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The Crypto Refresh June 17th 2018

We are back again with our weekly refresh of all things crypto. The crypto refresh is designed to bring you a weeks’ worth of cryptocurrency news in a bitesize format. We appreciate that you might not always have time to trawl through the headlines so therefore, each weekend we summarise the best bits for you. Of course, this is a concise version of events, we can’t fit it all into the crypto refresh or we would be here all day, so, for a full and comprehensive summary of the week, feel free to browse our archives at your leisure, here’s a good place to start-

Coinrail, Hacked

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail fell victim of a $40 Million hack, a hack that is being blamed on the plummeting market which we have witnessed this week. Many currencies have reached two monthly lows, with crucial resistance points breached. For the first time since the major cryptocurrency boom at the end of 2017, Litecoin even dipped into double figures, it still remains there today.
Of course, this hack isn’t the primary reason for the state of the markets, but it sure did knock the wind out of our sails.

Apple App Store Change Crypto Stance
Apple have recently updated their regulations for developers on the iOS app store. Within these regulations, Apple have banned cryptocurrency mining apps from being produced, however, they seem to have opened up support for other uses of cryptocurrencies, therefore, the app store could be about to turn into a bit of a crypto-hotspot, hopefully.

European Union Weigh In On Crypto
The EU Commission have announced an AMA session for the 18th of June during which they are answering questions about their stance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. To get involved, you just need to tweet your question to @EUBlockchain followed by #AMAblockchain.

Ethereum Classic Coinbase Listing
Ethereum Classic became the next cryptocurrency to be listed on Coinbase, the news saw Ethereum Classic and now sees Ethereum Classic amongst one of the biggest exchanges in the world.

Binance Move Operations to Jersey
With the crypto-revolution edging ever closer to the UK, Binance have announced that they will be shifting some of their operations to Jersey, a small tax haven situated in the channel islands, just off the south coast of the UK.

Tether Has Been Used To Manipulate Market Prices
Research from the University of Texas confirms that Tether seems to have been used to help move the price of Bitcoin around. Overall, its still speculation but as a headline, this hit the news channels with a bit of a bang.

Western Union Deny That Crypto Will Form A Part Of Their Product
Long story short, Western Union have dispelled rumours that cryptocurrencies will form apart of their money transfer service, simply because their customers don’t want it, just yet at least.

As stated, so much more has happened over the week, if you’ve missed out, head back to our breaking news page and browse at your leisure.

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