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New Zcash Updates Reinforce A Promising Future For The Currency

New Zcash Updates Reinforce A Promising Future For The Currency
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The team and the community behind Zcash are one for transparency. Within this, they make great efforts to communicate plans and updates on a regular and clear basis. One example of this is within the weekly engineering update from Zcash, which, each week, discusses how various teams within the Zcash structure are working together to ensure Zcash becomes a success. The teams in question include the ‘Zcashd Team’ the ‘Consensus Protocol Team’, the ‘Development Infrastructure Team’ the ‘Ecosystem Team’ and the ‘Documentation Team’. Check out the full update for yourself, here- Otherwise, let’s see how each time is contributing to the growth of Zcash. Zcashd Team This team are in charge of developing the Zcashd client. As it stands, they are currently working towards a second version of Zcashd, which will include sapling support through sapling activation height for the MainNet, the implementation of sapling keys, notes and addresses. It will also add support within the Zcash wallet to track sapling keys, notes and addresses. Consensus Protocol Team This team are responsible for the development of the Zcash Consensus Protocol, according to the update they are currently working towards finishing the DH key exchange. Development Infrastructure Team This team facilitate the developer’s infrastructure in the sense that they assist developers within the design, collaboration, implementation, review and testing of their products. As it stands, they are currently working towards improving the system security and adding support for the development of MacOSX, Windows and CentOS7 binaries. Ecosystem Team The ecosystem team are in charge of everything that is not related to Zcashd or the Zcash protocols. In essence, they help to facilitate third-party activities and the production of other projects within Zcash. As it stands, they are currently working on the refinement of support desk software, and also an emergency detection and alert system for within the Zcash network. Documentation Team The team responsible for the transparency and accessibility I mentioned at the start of this post. At the moment, they are hard at work producing sapling info and a NU index page and are currently working on the translation of Zcash user documentation into Spanish. They are also working on some of the websites emergency response awareness and are also producing documentation to support overwinter. I think all of the above provides pretty conclusive evidence to highlight just how committed this team are in ensuring the longevity and of course the relevance of the Zcash project and the Zcash brand. It is great to see updates like this as they allow for the full Zcash community to get involved and learn more about what is going on, thus, are then able to make informed decisions regarding their stance on Zcash as an asset and as an investment.

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