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Lisk (LSK) Fails To Spark Investors’ Interest Ahead Of Testnet Launch

Lisk (LSK) Fails To Spark Investors’ Interest Ahead Of Testnet Launch
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Lisk Chart With Values Lisk (LSK) is now down 84% since its all time high of $34.92 and the price has not found a bottom yet. Lisk (LSK) is expected to have a test net launch in two days from now, on June 28th, 2018 but has failed to spark interest of cryptocurrency investors so far. The price is yet to form a bottom and could likely settle around $4 in the next few days. The Lisk (LSK) team appears to be fully focused on the upcoming test net launch and have already posted instructions regarding migration on their Twitter handle. The migration is expected at around block 5,594,490. The Lisk (LSK) team is very active on social media and also frequently attends blockchain conferences and events. However, the crypto community is yet to embrace this project with the expected enthusiasm. Lisk (LSK) is currently doing all it can to position itself as a serious player in the smart contracts and Dapp development industry. The CEO, Max Kordek is an ambitious entrepreneur and a polymath. Lisk (LSK) has a team of competent individuals working on project who have achieved a lot so far. They have come up with a platform called, the Lisk Hub. It enables users to store their Lisk (LSK) tokens as well as to access all Lisk (LSK) related services including launching your own blockchain! Last year was about coins that could perform well on their own. So, projects like Monero (XMR) and Litecoin (LTC) did well with the rest of the market. However, this year we have seen a growing interest in platforms that empower smaller projects to develop and grow. Lisk (LSK) is one of those platforms. It allows developers to build with the Lisk Blockchain, but not technically on it. Every Lisk (LSK) Dapp will be using a sidechain, so in case something goes wrong with an individual project, the whole Lisk (LSK) blockchain will not have to suffer. This also gives individual projects more latitude and freedom, something that older platforms like Ethereum (ETH) cannot offer. Lisk (LSK) also uses a very common language, JavaScript for app development compared to Ethereum (ETH)’s Solidity which helps remove learning barriers for developers and allow for more flexibility and control. Lisk Chart With Values Lisk (LSK) is almost at the bottom of the channel against both Bitcoin (BTC) and the US Dollar (USD). The price has reached oversold conditions on both daily charts for LSK/USD as well as LSK/BTC. Market conditions signal a bottom to be formed around these levels, most likely in the next few days. Lisk (LSK) currently ranks at 26th place in terms of market place, down from 17th last month. The project continues to make progress but investors’ interest is currently on the decline. Whether or not the test net launch will change that remains to be seen. However, Lisk (LSK) has a lot to put in front of investors before the end of the year. The cryptocurrency may still see a break out towards late 2018 and possibly a new high.

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