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Liquidity Network Is Incoming, Here’s Why You Should Be Excited

We are due to see the launch of the Liquidity Network ICO on the 14th of June 2018, the start of a new era for a blockchain technology idea that is going to change the face of the blockchain revolution.

The implications of the Liquidity Network are huge, aside from a brand-new exchange format, we are going to see the launch of a MainNet and a big change in the way Airdrops are able to operate. Moreover, the Liquidity Network boasts implications for how stable coins might exist as a part of the future of the crypto-markets. In essence, Liquidity Network is a network built with the future in mind.

We very recently met up with Arthur Gervais, one of the minds spearheading the Liquidity Network ideology. During this chat, we discussed a number of cool ideas that suit the future of Liquidity Network, for example charity payments and how the upcoming mobile phone application, built native to Liquidity Network could help change the way charity exists within the blockchain. In light of this, we are going to run a number of stories that discuss a few factors that Arthur believes will set Liquidity Network up as a real name on the blockchain scene; free transactions, air drops and API.

Check back next week, for all of the inside knowledge!

For now, keep your eyes on, as the ICO launches, things are about to get interesting, not just as an investment opportunity, but as a real scope-changer within the future of our blockchain revolution.

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