Is ZClassic About To Make A Comeback?

Is ZClassic About To Make A Comeback?

You may or may not have noticed ZClassic fall off your radar. At the time of writing, ZClassic is ranked 191st for market capitalisation according to, with a value of $7.83. As you may know, ZClassic played a major part in the production of Bitcoin Private, a Bitcoin hard fork that was designed to utilise ZClassic to create a totally private form of Bitcoin. From its inception, Bitcoin Private fell from a price of $86.20, crashing to $14.67. At present, Bitcoin Private is valued at $10.71 and though its value its down, it’s market cap is way up, currently sitting in 49th place according to The fall of Bitcoin Private, devastated ZClassic, however, now it seems it could be about to make a comeback. According to, new rumours are suggesting that two groups interested in ZClassic are teaming up to try and change the direction of the failing currency. According to Cryptovest:

“The two teams, ZClassic CE and ZClassic Blue, have been interested in the coin in the past, but now they have come up with formal proposals and ideas. According to the proposal of ZClassic Blue, the network will see an overhaul, with masternode verification available. A web wallet and an Android wallet will be available by the end of the year, if the team wins the community support.”


“The suggestion of ZClassic CE includes the creation of a second layer of complexity, a project named AZCL. ZClassic itself will remain the same asset, without hard forks, but a partnership with the Komodo platform may see a decentralized switching between ZCL and AZCL.”

See more for yourself, here- These movements certainly promise to at least bring the name of ZClassic back to the fore and moreover, since these developments seem promising, this could very well inspire some much-needed investment back into ZClassic. Moreover, this of course has further implications for Bitcoin Private and other privacy focused coins. Whilst ZClassic isn’t in a position to take over Dash at the moment, in a few months’ time, given the promise from ZClassic CE and ZClassic Blue, we could very well see ZClassic riding with the big guns soon enough. ZClassic, is about to see a rebirth and thus, this is a cryptocurrency worth watching. For now, hold on and let’s wait and see what happens.

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