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Here’s What You Need To Know For July, Bull Runs, Market Surges And Bitcoin To Hit $10K

Here’s What You Need To Know For July, Bull Runs, Market Surges And Bitcoin To Hit $10K
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In keeping with the trend, now we have said goodbye to June (via an article, obviously, it’s still June), we want to look ahead at what to expect for July. We are feeling pretty positive so of course, our view may be somewhat tainted, either way though we are certain July at the very least, will provide us with a more exciting climate. Please remember that this is not investment advice. This article is speculative. Sadly, it is impossible to predict what will happen within the markets, we can make informed guesses in this manner but this doesn’t mean our guesses/dreams will totally come true. Remember, if you want to invest, use this piece to inform your research, build up a portfolio of knowledge, and your crypto portfolio will succeed. Investment is your choice, not ours. We have had two very bearish months. May and June have allowed for quite a slow market retraction. Week by week, values have dropped slightly. If we compare prices now, compared to prices at the start of May, you’ll see that Bitcoin specifically has fallen from around $9,200.00 to $6,100.00, that’s a loss of over $3,000.00. This is a trend that has swept the markets too. As a result of this, we expect prices to surge again in July. We can’t guess when they will surge but hopefully, by mid-July, we see Bitcoin moving closer to $9,000.00 again. This surge may very well simply just be organic. As the bulls take control, and as correction leads the markets upwards, prices will rise at a steady rate. The exciting thing is, if and when prices do start to climb again, we may very well see big investment come on board. Large institutional investment is the key we need to unlock true market values. Whilst this probably won’t happen in July, we can hope that, if prices do rise, higher investment will be inspired and thus, when more money comes into the markets, prices jump higher again. So, in summary, we believe that in July, prices may organically start to rise, as a result of a few different things. This in turn may very well encourage big investment (from many places, not large institutions though) and thus, prices will continue to climb. By mid-July, we hope to see Bitcoin at $9,000.00. As we close July, we hope, and sort of expect to see Bitcoin reach $10,000.00 As stated above, this is speculation and we can never be sure. At the very least though, this is what we want and need to see next month.

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