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Here’s What Cryptocurrencies Would Look Like As A World Cup Team
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Here’s What Cryptocurrencies Would Look Like As A World Cup Team

With the FIFA World Cup in Russia well under way, we wanted to explore how cryptocurrencies could line up as footballers, based on their personalities and characteristics. Which cryptocurrency would make a good goal keeper, which cryptocurrency would you have up front, which cryptocurrency would make a good captain and, most importantly, which cryptocurrencies would you leave to warm the bench? GK: Tether This goes without saying, you want a consistent player protecting your line. Tether is of course one of the most financially stable cryptocurrencies, it’s a stablecoin after all, therefore we believe Tether would make the perfect goal keeper. It’s not going to stray too far from it’s line, it’s backed by figures you can rely on and most importantly, it’s value is always going to be the same, meaning if you do get fed up of its performance, you can sell it on! DEF: Ripple, Monero, Verge, Litecoin As cryptocurrencies, these four are well versed in dealing with controversy. As a result, they are hard wearing and know how to defend themselves when the attackers come for them. Monero and Verge, the big centre backs are very well used to changing their tactics to make their area more secure. Ripple and Litecoin would also make great wing backs, through their intrinsic efficiency, but even so, when it hits the fan, Ripple and Litecoin can hold their own. MID: Dash, TRON, Bitcoin (C), Zcash Naturally, Bitcoin makes the cut as the team captain. With a market dominance of 40%, it’s only fair right? TRON of course has the potential to make a great attacking midfielder. With a constant drive for success and rapid growth, TRON has the ability to really cover the pitch. Moreover, getting TRON on the line up means a huge travelling fan base in the TRON Foundation would be sure to sing loud and proud at all the matches. Dash and Zcash sit on the wings, as privacy focused coins, they are well versed in keeping other teams out, very key attributes for any left or right midfielder. ATK: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum An ultra-fast pairing of Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum would have the capacity to overcome even the toughest defence. The brother of the captain, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, working in harmony would give the attack force lightening speeds, reinforced by a great deal of experience, an attribute many young attackers do take for granted. The pair may be veterans, but they are still among the fastest on the pitch. Cryptocoins in Formation of Football Team

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