European Union Seeking Public Opinion On Cryptocurrencies

European Union Seeking Public Opinion On Cryptocurrencies
The EU Blockchain Forum, a research branch of the European Union, dedicated to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies have recently tweeted information about an ‘ask me anything’ (AMA) event which they are due to run on the 18th of June. Within this, the EU Blockchain Forum will respond to public questions and offer in-depth explanations through discussions regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The agenda for the AMA is as follows:
  • “What are blockchain technologies?”
  • “What are blockchain technologies used for?”
  • “Let’s ask the hard questions.”
  • “What to expect in the years ahead?”
Questions can be submitted now, by tweeting your question, along with the hashtag - #AMAblockchain to @EUBlockchain What is the EU Blockchain Forum? Officially known as the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, they are a group established within the European Union’s European Commission. The group have been set up “to monitor blockchain initiatives in Europe”, “to produce a comprehensive source of blockchain knowledge”, “to create an attractive and transparent forum for sharing information and opinion”, and “to make recommendations on the role the EU could play in blockchain”. Here in the UK, mention of the European Union is still a sensitive subject, however, with ‘Brexit’ negotiations going nowhere, it does seem that findings from within the EU Blockchain Forum may very well have an impact on future legislation and regulation that could be established by the UK’s current Cryptocurrency Taskforce. Therefore, British participation within this AMA is encouraged, it’ll be very interesting to see at the vest least, how the EU Blockchain Forum think the UK will fit into the EU’s cryptocurrency and blockchain plans once we are no longer members of the European Union. Of course, the EU Blockchain Forum does have implications for the worldwide cryptocurrency community. Any regulations they help to inform will have an impact on all (current) 28-member states of the European Union and thus, these implications will have a global impact. Therefore, if there’s something you want to know or wish to open a debate about, I’d suggest contacting the EU Blockchain Forum as a part of their AMA.
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