Ethereum Co-Founder Tips These Cryptocurrencies to Be The Next Big Thing

Ethereum Co-Founder Tips These Cryptocurrencies to Be The Next Big Thing

A new report out by Asia Times discusses how Anthony Di Iorio, the co-founder of Ethereum see’s a big future in two blockchain projects from China, projects that the Canadian billionaire is feeling very bullish towards indeed. The projects in question are Qtum and VeChain. According to Asia Times, Di Iorio said:

“The biggest stake for me is in Qtum and VeChain right now, the two Chinese projects, there’s much more opportunity in newer ones [projects] if you can identify them.”

You can see the full article for yourself, here- Both Qtum and VeChain are considered as serious contenders within the cryptocurrency markets, as a result of this, the pair sit with a very high market capitalisation. At the time of writing, VeChain sits in 17th place, with Qtum sitting slightly behind in 20th place. Of course, they are by no means the biggest cryptocurrencies but, as Di Iorio discusses, these cryptocurrencies are new projects and are part of a up and coming revolution within China. In essence, I think what Di Iorio wants to say here is that, he has his biggest stakes in Qtum and VeChain because he believes that the pair will spearhead the cryptocurrency revolution in China, which in turn will spearhead a new worldwide cryptocurrency revolution, given that China is such a world power. According to Asia Times, Patrick Dai, the founder of Qtum is currently working on boosting the popularity of Qtum, so we can guess Dai is pretty smug about Di Iorio’s recent comments, according to Asia Times, Dai said:

“We will push Qtum once again to massive adoption… earlier, because [of] the regulation risk in China, we slowed down the marketing plan since December of 2017, then we focused on development work since the beginning of 2018, but we realized we still need more efforts on marketing,”

With Qtum and VeChain tipped as Di Iorio’s next big thing then, what does this mean for investors? Remember, whilst Di Iorio speaks with authority, not even he can predict the movements of the cryptocurrency markets. Both Qtum and VeChain offer great investment opportunities but this should not be seen as a sole reason to invest. Instead, use Di Iorio’s input to help improve your own research. Take this advice on board and investigate Qtum and VeChain further, that way, at least you can begin to start to make your own mind up.

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