Esports To Pioneer New Digital University

Esports To Pioneer New Digital University, the famed bridge between cryptocurrency and online gaming are marching forward with a brand-new idea that is set to see the establishment of an Esports University. The Esports University will see a collaboration between the blockchain revolution, the online gaming industry and the education sector, in a move that is designed to both utilise the ERT Token and of course the Esports platform. At present, a dedicated team are already working on the production of the University, which aims to see full implementation of the project, including an ERT Token payment system and a full University standard infrastructure by the end of 2018. To find out a little more about the project, Crypto Daily have spoken to Martin Dimitrov from the Esports team to gain a little more insight into the project in order to fully understand what the Esports University will provide its students. We asked what sort of classes the University will provide – Martin told us that the classes and tutorials will be both education and informative, covering aspects of a range of different games including CS:Go, Dota, Fortnite and League of Legends. This will be complemented by more detailed and theoretical classes that aim to cover strategy, skill development and general skill building for professional players and gamers. Next, we wanted to know more about the end goal, what exactly will the students gain from their time spent within the Esports University platform? Martin states that from the outset, students will learn valuable skills and will gain valuable experience which is transferable within the online gaming community. As the University grows, Esports University aims to receive recognition from the German Government as a real educational institution and as such will eventually be able to issue real University standard degrees and qualifications. Until then, students will receive academic level teaching but for now, the qualifications gained will only be in the form of experience, though we should note that often, experience is more valuable than a certificate at the end of the day! Next, we wanted to know more about which key skills are most important for Esports Gamers, Martin told us that the key to becoming the best gamer you can be, is by learning to play as many games as you can. Because every game involves a new strategy and builds upon new talents, the best way to excel in the field is to branch out and explore new games. By doing this, gamers are exposed to a larger knowledge bank and thus can craft new skills from it. Finally, we wanted to explore the future implications of the Esports University, will it bring new people into the industry? Martin believes that the University will have a huge impact on the gaming world and overall, will make more gamers familiar with the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. By increasing familiarity, gamers will be able to merge with the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry on a higher level, gaining more understanding and thus excelling in all fields. Overall, we think this is a real exciting project. With the team currently hard at work making this happen, we hope to hear more about the Esports University soon and can’t wait to see it in the flesh! In the meantime, keep an eye on for the latest news and updates.

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