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Esports In Strategic Partnership With FC Koln
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Esports In Strategic Partnership With FC Koln

eSports Main Feature of Players With eSports Colour Tone Overlay The emerging esports portal has signed a deal with the German football club FC Koln for a mutual collaboration between the world of convention and e-sports. This is the second strategic partnership FC Koln has made with a company from the e-sports field. All this shows that the world of e-sports is growing larger by the minute, connecting with current, real-world sports teams and companies. For , this is a sequential strategic partnership, which will result in boosting the awareness and use for the newly formed portal – The partnership will result in exchange of help, data and brand awareness, hoping to contribute towards increasing popularity of the esports portal Such a strategic partnership could result in an increase of the trading volume and price for the Esports Reward Token, currently being traded on HitBTC and several other exchanges. Early adopters of the ERT token will benefit from a price increase and price stability, showing real prospects and future for the eSport Reward Token. Meanwhile, is working towards perfecting their platform, a platform for the use of the ERT. Many new features are expected to be introduced by the end of the summer, and even more by the end of the year, proving that is on its way to become the biggest e-sports portal and that their reward token is going to reach some peak volume and prices in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for future updates regarding the portal and their official reward token - ERT.

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