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Cryptonomy Is The Premier Social Network For Crypto Enthusiasts
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Cryptonomy Is The Premier Social Network For Crypto Enthusiasts

Cryptonomy Four Features of The App Download for iOS Download for Android Cryptonomy is more than just a cryptocurrency news app, Cryptonomy aims to foster a community for crypto-enthusiasts. In its true essence, Cryptonomy is a social network, designed to allow users to delve into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Exploring topics such as coins and tokens, ICOs, wallets, exchanges and more. Cryptonomy Feature of App One of the key features of the Cryptonomy platform is community integration. Not only does this allow users to directly communicate through comments and forum discussion, moreover, it allows for reputation-based crowdsourcing, this in turn uses a combination of AI and user interaction to determine how legitimate a news source is. Within this, fake news is abolished, and the crypto-community remains FUD-free. It’s like a FUD-free guarantee. Of course, users are incentivised for engaging within this reputation management. Those who contribute quality content are rewarded with Cryptons and moreover, those who post bad content (as voted for by the community) can actually lose Cryptons. This encourages a platform of honest, decent material, free from fake news and damaging headlines. So, what can you do within Cryptonomy? Track currencies in order to inform your portfolio. Like every good news application, Cryptonomy links up with live prices and values, allowing you to really research and manage your investments. Of course, news content. Users have access to news content, content which is moderated by a whole community of crypto-enthusiasts. Reputation management is the key that is making Cryptonomy a success. We love the in app social features that Cryptonomy has, including article comments and an in-app chat feature. It really does allow you to become part of a comprehensive community, not only does this allow you to better understand the industry, it enables a feeling of inclusiveness. It makes you a part of something. Finally, and very importantly, Cryptonomy allows you to have full control of your portfolio, not only can you track prices, you can manage your assets too. A healthy portfolio leads to a prosperous future after all. Above all, this is an application designed with the user in mind. Its interactive interface, community orientated features and overall responsiveness is the reason why Cryptonomy already has over 10,000 happy customers, all of whom are part of an ever-growing community. Crypto-enthusiasts, get involved!

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