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Cryptocurrency Education Is Important, Now Somebody Get’s It
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Cryptocurrency Education Is Important, Now Somebody Get’s It

We are always discussing why we believe that cryptocurrency education is important, more so than regulations and prohibition. Censorship of crypto-advertising online by companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Google have only helped to hide honest and real crypto-brands from having their name spread and overall, people are still falling for cryptocurrency scams worldwide. We believe that only through education, we will be able to achieve total safety from scams and hacks online. If people don’t know what to look out for and don’t know the warning signs, how can they protect themselves from scams? Therefore, education is paramount. According to RTT News, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US have established some workshops which aim to help educate people on cryptocurrencies. The workshops will be held as a part of an event as DePaul University in Chicago. The event, named ‘Decrypting Cryptocurrency Scams’ will see customers, legal representatives, researchers and private sector workers come together to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, all with the intention to remind users of how to stay safe online. According to RTT News:
“According to the agenda released by the FTC, Andrew Smith, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, will give opening remarks at the workshop followed by three panel discussions. The workshop is of utmost importance at a time when crypto scammers are more active with the consumer interest growing in recent times. The FTC says the scams include deceptive investment and business opportunities, bait-and-switch schemes, and deceptively marketed mining machines.”
See the full story for yourself, here- It is great to see authorities in a part of the world responding to claims that education needs to be facilitated here. As with any new and emerging technologies, the general public needs to have access to a safe space through which we can learn to interact them. Imagine if nobody gave us access to computers for example, things would be very different now, you have to admit. Whilst we do hope to see more of this sort of stuff over the coming months, hopefully the authorities at DePaul University are going to spearhead a new informative movement which aims to keep people educated online, and, most importantly, up to scratch with this new, upcoming technology.

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