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‘Crypto News App’ The Number 1 Crypto News App On Google Play & The Appstore

‘Crypto News App’ The Number 1 Crypto News App On Google Play & The Appstore
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There’s a reason that Crypto News is the biggest and best cryptocurrency news smartphone app available today. Its seamless interface is complimented by its user-friendliness. If you’re in need of your Crypto News fix, we think this is the place to go. Let’s face it, boasting a 4.6* rating on Google Play and a 4.8* rating on the App Store does suggest that behind the scenes, there is some magic at play, bringing this app to the fore and to the hands of thousands of users. Four Examples of Crypto News Phone App Crypto News allows you to access ground-breaking content, be that about investors, mining, markets, stocks, partnerships, ICO reviews, videos and much more. Stunningly, Crypto News sources news stories from over 200 trusted news websites, meaning the content on the app is both accurate and impartial. This really does allow the user to enhance their cryptocurrency knowledge, in the easiest way possible. Unlike a lot of standard cryptocurrency news app, Crypto News boasts some incredible and unique features, including; A bookmarking feature that means, if you see a story you want to know more about, but don’t have the time to read right away, you can save it within the app to read later on, during your next break at work for example. You can share content at the touch of a button, across a whole host of social media channels – this is perfect for those times you find a news story you know your friends or family will love. Swift categorisation of the news stories within the app also means the app is super easy to navigate, this means you spend less time searching for the news, and more time actually reading it. Through integration with CoinMarketCap, Crypto News also allows you to view the latest values and market movements. Crucial for any hawk-eyed investor. In the pursuit for transparency, Crypto News is available in a number of different languages, including English, German, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese. Download the Crypto News App now!

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