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Could This Mean NEO Is About To Skyrocket?
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Could This Mean NEO Is About To Skyrocket?

NEO’s twitter page has been relatively quiet recently. Today however, the NEO beast stirs, publishing a very cryptic tweet that is sure to get the community taking. The tweet, simply states ‘stay tuned’ and is followed by a poster that refers to “one session and three things” according to a translation made by Cryptovest. On that note, according to Cryptovest:
“While good for promotional purposes, such Tweets, from NEO and other projects, have been criticized for creating ‘announcements out of announcements’, and resulting in short-lived price increases followed by dumps.”
See more for yourself, here- Right, what is going on here? This is very cryptic and very mysterious. From the outset, I believe that this is a case of generating some crowd hype. As a result of this, we expect to see a real announcement in July as ultimately, NEO can only leave their audience waiting for so long. They will get bored otherwise. Hopefully, NEO haven’t caught Verge fever, an illness that encourages crypto communities to use this sort of marketing to promote a less than exciting announcement in an attempt to boost prices (remember the Verge x PornHub announcement). If the translation is correct, ‘one session and three things’ doesn’t really mean an awful lot. What we deduce from this is that NEO may be arranging some sort of public announcement, during which they are going to release information regarding three things, three new projects or partnerships perhaps? The value of NEO hasn’t changed too much as a result of this. At the time of writing, NEO is valued at $30.18, up 0.27% but as the day goes on and as this news breaks, we do expect NEO to see a little rise in value. For now, we must wait and see how this matures, NEO could very well be able to make their biggest announcement to date. Or, on the other hand, this could be another unfortunate case of Verge fever. For now, stay tuned, we are going to follow this closely.

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