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CoinView App Review

CoinView - All in One Crypto App

CoinView is a true representation of the cryptocurrency world, for your pocket. With CoinView, you have access to the cutting edge, breaking crypto news, figures and expert analyses.

With CoinView, you’re able to totally overhaul the way you manage your crypto-lifestyle.

Monitor ICOs, track the markets, personalise your watchlist and view all the info you need from your favourite cryptocurrency exchanges, and wallets.

As an all-in-one cryptocurrency portfolio, you can guarantee with CoinView, everything you need to succeed in the crypto-universe is there, ready for you.

CoinView is global, meaning the application is available in a range of languages. What’s more, CoinView covers expert analyses of over 2,200 cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.

CoinView is always expanding meaning this great app, is only going to get better. It’s currently got a 4.4* ranking on Google Play, that’s not easy to come by. See why for yourself and check out CoinView, here-

Facebook: @CoinView
Instagram: @CoinViewApp
Twitter: @CoinViewApp
Email: [email protected]

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