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Cardano To Be Added To South Koreas Largest Mobile Payment Platform Plus Other Announcements

Cardano To Be Added To South Koreas Largest Mobile Payment Platform Plus Other Announcements
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Anyone seen the most recent Cardano Foundation newsletter yet? If you haven’t, you might want to take a look! Within their latest post, Cardano have outlined some really positive movements within their monthly newsletter. Such movements include information about a new paper wallet launch and most interestingly, further information about a South Korean mobile payments solution and work by Cardano within the Ethiopian economy. According to the Cardano Foundation, here’s a little summary of what’s happened recently:
  • “The first smart contract KEVM testnet for Cardano was successfully launched on May 28.”
  • “Cardano Roadmap updates for June include instant display of Daedalus wallet balances when a wallet is restored; faster network synchronisation; more efficient blockchain storage; and a second version of paper wallets. In addition, ADA will be added to South Korea’s largest mobile payment platform around Q3 of 2018.”
  • “Cardano Foundation successfully hosted community meet ups in London, Munich and Zurich this week.”
  • “IOHK released a blog post which talks more about their vision for blockchain in Africa.” 
You can see the full newsletter for yourself, here- These sorts of communications are vital in ensuring that the Cardano community have access to all of the information they need to make wise and thought out investment decisions. Moreover, by publishing these sorts of documents, the crypto-sphere is given access to a transparent look into Cardano’s operations, making what they do seem more legitimate on a surface level. I think that this sort of work really is the essence of the cryptocurrency community. Okay, so in this announcement there is no real ground-shattering news, yet, the newsletter emphasises (very well) just how much work the Cardano team are putting in to ensure the growth and longevity of their project. As an investor, seeing news like this surely means you’re far more likely to believe in a project that is showing such promise? Its far easier to believe in a project when you know where it is heading and which sort of direction it intends to take. As an investor within any part of the cryptocurrency market, it’s key to review these documents too as what one cryptocurrency does can affect the path of another, therefore ask yourself, how does the Cardano roadmap affect my other investments? In short, read these updates, subscribe to the news, get hold of press releases. By building an informed news portfolio, you can help better your own financial portfolio too.

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