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Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple Still Up As Market Balance Continues
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Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple Still Up As Market Balance Continues

Today, the positive market trend of yesterday is continuing, ploughing prices back up after a devastating weekend for the markets. We are pretty certain that this is simply just correction, indeed, this sentiment is reflected by the fact todays progressions are far steadier than those we witnessed yesterday. Even so though, in terms of increasing value, correction is of course a good thing. How long will this continue? We expect to see this trend continue for today at least, as we enter the middle of the week though we are likely to see the trend tail off and may witness some further downturns. We don’t expect these to be as dramatic as those seen over the weekend but overall, we still expect to exit June on a negative note. Things will however change for the better in July. That’s the hope anyway. How are the markets looking today? Bitcoin, at the time of writing is valued at $6,239.21, up 1.12%. If Bitcoin remains on a positive trajectory, the general consensus is that the rest of the markets will remain positive too, therefore we can expect Bitcoin to continue to lead the way. Bitcoin’s dominance has slipped slightly from 42% yesterday, but overall Bitcoin still holds a market majority of 41.9%, well up from recent figures which have touched Bitcoin at around 36%. Ethereum, at the time of writing is valued at $455.72, up 0.87%. Ethereum’s climb is very slight, but at least it is now on the greater side of $450.00. Hopefully through the day, Ethereum creeps ever closer to $500.00, a value that will no doubt allow some investors to breathe a sigh of relief. At the time of writing, Ripple XRP is valued at $0.48, up 0.59%. Again, Ripple is only on a very slight climb, at the very least though, this is still helping to edge Ripple closer back up to $0.50, which in turn can only be a good thing. Some negative movements have unfortunately gripped some areas of the markets, although as it stands green is very much the colour of the day. Bitcoin Cash is down 0.28%, TRON is down 1.35%, NEO is down 0.57% and Dash is down 0.08%. It is of course worth noting that each of these declines is only slight and thus, we don’t expect any of the aforementioned currencies will take on too much damage from this, instead, we are sure that this is further the result of a volatile correction period. The markets now stand in an uncertain position. We do not expect to see them surge anytime soon, and, thankfully, we don’t expect any sudden falls to take over either. Instead, we expect slight upwards and downward movements to now continue through the week. As we enter July though, this outlook could change once again.

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