Are IOTA About To Announce A Partnership With Automotive Giants Volkswagen?

Are IOTA About To Announce A Partnership With Automotive Giants Volkswagen?
This recent tweet, from Johann Jungwirth, the Chief Digital Officer for Volkswagen suggests that there is something hot in the works between Volkswagen (VW) and IOTA. Moreover, in light of this, plenty of reports are coming out that suggest IOTA and VW are collaborating on a new proof of concept project. According to some reports, IOTA are expected to make an official announcement regarding this at the CeBit18 event, which has been coined ‘Europe’s Business Festival for Innovation and Digitisation’. This move will see IOTA work alongside VW to establish new systems that will allow cars to receive on air updates. Experts believe that the future for cars and other vehicles is digitisation and thus, within this, VW want to establish blockchain technologies that can ensure all cars receive the data they need to run certain updates and operate as a part of the growing digital world. Moreover, this obviously has clear implications for driver-less and self-driving autonomous vehicles too. Some of VW’s aims and objectives here are as follows:
  • “To establish transparency and digital trust with customers and authorities.”
  • “To have an ability to provide evidence to external parties.”
  • “To be able to handle product recalls efficiently.”
  • “To be able to record high levels of software updates.”
  • To facilitate tamper proof and transparent statistical recording.”
According to Jungwirth:
“Distributed leger technologies are crucial for the future of trusted transactions, IOTA has great potential to become a DLT leader with the tangle approach.”
What does all of this mean for IOTA? Well, hopefully if the reports are true, we will know a little more about this, after the CeBit18 event. We are indeed expecting to see official announcements during this. Overall though, the implications of this are huge. In 2016 alone, VW claim to have delivered 10.3 Million vehicles worldwide, now imagine if each of these are working within the IOTA Ecosystem on the blockchain? The growth IOTA could see here, is huge. Of course, for now we need to wait and see the official news and the official announcements from IOTA. Either way, it looks as if VW really are on board. This could prove to be fantastic for IOTA, for the blockchain industry and indeed for the transport industry. IOTA could be on to a real-world game changer here.
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