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Advantages Of The Liquidity.Network Off-Chain Architecture
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Advantages Of The Liquidity.Network Off-Chain Architecture

Following our trend of chasing the Liquidity.Network ICO, prior to its full launch on the 14th of June 2018, we are turning to how the off-chain architecture of the network makes it stand out above rivals, such as the Lightening Network. Please visit for more information about Liquidity.Network, including information about the looming ICO. Overall, Liquidity.Network is designed to be based around a number of central hubs, within these, users can transfer assets between anyone else within that hub. This occurs away from the blockchain and means that, advantageously, transactions can be done instantly, at a very low cost. This is a novel concept, given that within this architecture, assets are not locked between two participants and actually, the use of the hub means that users can gain access to other users, within the same transaction. During this process, whilst assets are transferred between users off-chain, the Liquidity.Network blockchain is working to ensure funds are secured, therefore risk to asset security is minimal. It’s an off-chain solution, with the security benefits of the blockchain in essence. According to the Liquidity.Network whitepaper:
“Because the Liquidity.Network is built upon the Ethereum blockchain, it benefits from the existing development and research community. With its novel design, the Liquidity.Network architecture solves several pressing pain points of existing payment channel designs.”
Liquidity Network Diagram Advantages of this design includes:
  • “No rigid locked funds.”
  • “Simple design and routing.”
  • “Free and instant channel establishment.”
  • “Non-custodial off-chain atomic swaps.”
You can see the full Liquidity.Network whitepaper for yourself, here- Now, the really exciting part within this, is that the aforementioned off-chain hubs are also able to interconnect with each other. Therefore, users within different hubs are also able to transact and move assets, across hubs. This still boasts the same benefits as before in that transaction fees are low and of course, movements and transactions are efficient. There’s a lot of potential here, Liquidity.Network really are launching a brand-new technology that in itself, boasts some fantastic inherent advantages. As the ICO looms we can only expect anticipation for this rise, in turn, boosting the popularity of the brand and the network.

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