You Should Support Women In Crypto & Blockchain: Here Are 5 Women Founded Companies With Upcoming ICOs

You Should Support Women In Crypto & Blockchain: Here Are 5 Women Founded Companies With Upcoming ICOs

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You may not have noticed, but there aren’t a lot of women in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. This fact rings true in the entire finance and tech fields - brokerage firms, banks, tech startups and the like are male-dominated. But, cryptocurrency was created to be disruptive; and I think should be disruptive to gender inequality in the tech and finance fields. As it stands, women's participation in the cryptocurrency community hovers around 2 percent. That’s abysmal. One of the many simple ways to support women-led blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives is to participate in their initial coin offerings (ICOs.) Here are some ICOs you can buy in to this week.

1. eCoincomic - Maria Smolianova, Co-Founder & Business Development Director

ICO launch date: Tuesday, May 1 About the company: eCoinomic provides financial services for cryptocurrency investors. The platform will allow for lending, investing, hedging, and cryptocurrency exchanges and payments. It accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Cash, and Bitcoin Cash, among other major cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to take out loans ranging from $200 to $10,000, from anywhere from one to 30 days. About the founder: Maria Smolianova is a co-founder and business development director at eCoinomic. According to her LinkedIn profile, she’s the former CEO of a microfinance company, the development director of a pawnshop chain, and the owner/director of Green Planet, a renewables and environment company.  

2. Opiria - Marlene Gagesch, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

ICO launch date: Tuesday, May 1 About the company: Did you know your email address is worth 80 USD? B2C companies pay big money for your information. Instead of giving your information for free, Opiria seeks to democratize personal data. The platform plans to compensate users for personal information. Users will be able to sell data to companies in exchange for PDATA tokens. You can cash out the tokens for cash. About the founder: Marlene Gagesch is a former software developer and requirement manager at Siemens. After a stint at Siemens, she found success at Ergoneers GmbH, where she led the software development department. Now, you can find her at Opiria headquarters, which she co-founded along with Christian Lange.

3. Spotcoin - Natalia Khizanshvil, Co-Founder

ICO launch date: Tuesday, May 1 (Pre-ICO) About the company: The Tbilisi, Georgia-based Spotcoin promises to “make digital currencies work for everyone” and bridge the gap between age-old financial markets and the digital economy. Spotcore, a process-mapping system, runs Spotcoin. It integrates each facet of Spotcoin. mining, retail payments, exchanges, and an over the counter marketplace.   About the founder: Before co-founding Spotcoin, Natalia Khizanshvili worked as the co-founder and COO of Georgian Experts and held leadership roles at Terabank, JSC Capital Bank, and Liberty Bank in Georgia, according to her LinkedIn profile. She holds two degrees - one in marketing and another in economics.

4. Safinus - Julia Luckman, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

ICO launch date: Wednesday, May 2 About the company: If you’re looking to enter the cryptocurrency market, look no further. Safinus is a platform that seeks to connect new users to ICO portfolios and experienced investors. The company emphasizes accessibility and transparency for newcomers. If you’re an experienced trader, the platform will offer access to private ICO sales, ICO token bonuses, and discounts, and promises increased asset liquidity. About the founder: Julia Luckman is a co-founder and chief marketing officer at Safinus. According to her LinkedIn profile, she’s been working in marketing for several years in the technology field. She holds an advanced degree in marketing from a university in Kyrgyzstan.

5. Project Shivom - Sally Eaves, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

ICO launch date: Thursday, May 3 About the company: Plan on donating DNA? Shivom seeks to create a genomic data hub on the blockchain. Shivom will allow DNA donors to have more control over what happens to their donations. You’ll be able to collaborate with major stakeholders in biotechnology, healthcare, and research institutes. Contributors will also be able to receive rewards when they share their DNA. About the founder: Sally Eaves co-founded and is currently the chief marketing officer of Shivom. She has extensive experience in the fintech, blockchain, and artificial intelligence fields. She’s currently a member of the Forbes Technology Council and has an impressive social media following.
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