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Is XRP Going To Skyrocket At The Ripple Community Night, Could XRP See $1.00?

Is XRP Going To Skyrocket At The Ripple Community Night, Could XRP See $1.00?
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As part of Blockchain Week, coinciding with the Consensus 2018 cryptocurrency conference, Ripple Labs are holding a community night which invites members of the Ripple community to come and celebrate the successes of the team, and XRP as a currency. This will offer the Ripple community a nice break from the doom and gloom Ripple has faced over the past few days, the market slide has seen the value of XRP fall, moreover, the pending court case against Ripple Labs, with XRP being referred to as a security, has done some damage to the reputation of XRP. This won’t materialise however, until the hearing takes place. The Ripple community night has been promoted with a lot of fun, they have run a ‘make a meme’ competition in order to allow community members to compete for free tickets to the event and they have also carried out a Twitter competition, with a similar prize. Oh, also, Ripple have booked a performance from Snoop Dogg. Anyone remember this? At the time of writing, Ripple XRP is making short progression. It is valued at $0.73, up just 0.41%, this is most certainly as a result of the positive swing taken by the markets on Tuesday morning and nothing more. Maybe however, the presence of Snoop Dogg, and a party fuelled atmosphere might help inspire some people to get back on the Ripple ship, and start boosting trading again. What is most exciting about all this, is that surely, Ripple will use this at a platform to make a huge announcement? An announcement so big, everyone will want a slice of XRP? Let’s face it, with the worlds media watching, and everybody who is somebody in the crypto-universe attending this event, it does make sense for Ripple to use this to make a big announcement or even launch a new product, surely? If this is the case, we could expect to see Ripple XRP back in the $1.00 range by the morning. This is of course based upon speculation. Granted, the Ripple Community Night does provide an ideal platform for Ripple to make a big announcement, with a big impact. We must however consider the rest of the climate and what is going on with Ripple’s court case etc. Perhaps don’t let optimism get the better of you just yet, although, we have a feeling that this Ripple Community Night, could be the start of something very big.

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