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Will This Be The World’s Biggest NASDAQ Powered Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Will This Be The World’s Biggest NASDAQ Powered Cryptocurrency Exchange?
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News out today highlights that NASDAQ, the second biggest stock exchange in the world, now has plans to power a brand-new cryptocurrency exchange, which aims to be at the fore of blockchain technology, ensuring a simple platform for crypto-exchanges and the most cutting-edge security protocols. This is the second time this week NASDAQ have weighed in on cryptocurrencies, given that it is only Tuesday, it does seem that for some reason, crypto is playing on somebody’s mind at NASDAQ. Check out our recent coverage of NASDAQ’s backed cryptocurrencies, here- According to, a brand new Estonia based cryptocurrency exchange, DX.Exchange, is due to use an engine provided by NASDAQ, designed to deliver a perfect P2P cryptocurrency exchange service. According to, CEO of DX.Exchange, Daniel Skowronski has said:
“Crypto enthusiasts shouldn’t have to pay more than a minimal membership charge to trade with their peers, and they shouldn’t have to trade in an unregulated [and] unsecured environment. The combination of NASDAQ technology and the DX.Exchange interface is one that will create a one-of-a-kind, fair trading experience, that puts the traders first.”
See the full coverage here- This sentiment is reflected in that DX.Exchange will offer a ‘fee-free’ trading platform, meaning all exchanges made will not be subject to a fee, instead, traders will simply pay a flat subscription fee in which they need to pay to use the DX.Exchange service, the fee, comes it at around €10.00 per month. Moreover, through the use of the NASDAQ engine, DX.Exchange promises to become a totally secure cryptocurrency exchange platform, by utilising a number of the techniques employed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Therefore, it does seem that NASDAQ will be working closely with the DX.Exchange to ensure this is able to happen. In order to reinforce security and the safety of the exchange users, DX.Exchange will be fully licensed by the Estonian Financial Services Agency and a Cypriot market regulator. According to, whilst DX.Exchange won’t be available in the United States yet, the team at DX.Exchange will be working with the United States authorities to obtain a license which will in turn allow the exchange to open up to a new bunch of US customers. NASDAQ technology is becoming more prominent within new cryptocurrency exchanges, this, paired up with the idea that NASDAQ are paying more and more interest in cryptocurrencies suggests that perhaps one day, NASDAQ will be in a position to launch their very own cryptocurrency exchange. How this will work is still a bit of a mystery, could it be integrated into the NASDAQ stock exchange or would it be something entirely different? Either way, if this did happen, it would be very big news indeed and really would provide a boost for the blockchain industry, in terms of eventual mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

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