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TRON’s Progression Returns, What Next For TRX?
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TRON’s Progression Returns, What Next For TRX?

Given the recent state of the markets and the climate surrounding cryptocurrencies, it is of course no surprise that TRON has taken a bit of a hit recently. Of course, we did expect TRON to make slightly better progression given that TRON is due to make the boldest move in the currencies history, the launch of the TRON MainNet, however with this in mind, TRON’s TRX has really failed to hold value. Of course, as we get closer to the TRON MainNet launch date, we expect this trend to flip and eventually TRX will begin to build upon some powerful gains, however, for now at least, TRON and TRX do seem a little deflated. Thankfully, it does look as if finally, the tables may have turned here. At the time of writing, TRON is valued at $0.070 and is up 6.70%. At this point, we should consider that overall, the major currencies are only making gains of around 1%, with TRONs neighbours IOTA and NEO, only up 1.43% and 0.31% respectively. It does seem then that this current incline set out by TRON is as a result of something TRON-specific and not as a result of the new wave of health that seems to be sweeping the markets. With TRON on the up, we could see previous values of $0.090 return soon enough. Ideally, we would like to see TRON hit $0.10, a value which we haven’t seen since January 2018. Given that in anticipation for the TRON TestNet, which launched at the end of March, we saw TRON move from $0.02 up to $0.04, we can suggest that the launch of the MainNet, the real thing, will encourage some really significant growth within the value of TRON. We are now starting to see some really positive signs within TRON, this will come as some relief to the TRON Foundation. With recent markets in a dire state, the value of TRON has fallen further than anyone probably would have hoped. This does mean that any new gains made by TRON will need to stand the test of time, however, with such a strong community backing the TRON movement, we can be quite certain that leading up to the MainNet launch, the test of time will indeed, be stood. For now, let’s see how TRON climbs out of its current hole as the MainNet launch approaches. It is both a very exciting and a very tense time for TRON’s community, soon enough though, we could really see this currency make incredible grounds.

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