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TRON Will Hit $0.25 Again

TRON Will Hit $0.25 Again
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The hype behind TRON seems to have cut off prematurely. We can’t be too sure of why this is the case as of yet, perhaps as investors prepare for the MainNet launch, people are remaining pretty still and holding on to see how things pan out? Or, moreover, perhaps people aren’t that excited about it? Either way, the launch of the TRON MainNet is promising some pretty big things. Let’s remember that as it stands TRON is still a top ten cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. This is quite an incredible feat when you consider that TRON doesn’t even have its own blockchain, at present, TRONS TRX tokens operate on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 tokens. Of course, the launch of the TRON MainNet will see this change as the network migrates from the Ethereum blockchain, onto its own. By no longer relying on the Ethereum blockchain, we can assume that the value of TRX will skyrocket. That’s if the migration takes place without any major hiccups or disasters, something that nobody can really guarantee. TRONs highest point was recorded on the 5th of January 2018, reaching a value of $0.254. Since then, at the end of April we did see TRON scrape $0.10, at a value of $0.0973. Now at the time of writing, TRON is valued at $0.080. Because of this, and because of TRONs decline of, at the time of writing, 1.57% you can rightly argue that it’s nowhere near reaching $0.25. But, consider this. TRON, despite it’s dropping value, remains to be a top ten currency for market capitalisation. People are still interested in TRON and thus, TRX is moving around nicely. The launch of the MainNet, should it be a success, will see some real health boosted back into TRON, putting it back on a trajectory towards $0.25. Though it might not happen straight away, TRON is sure to reach $0.25, eventually. Please remember this is not investment advice, this is based on speculation. If the hype lets us down, TRON may fade back into the market cap rankings of standard altcoins, although, we remain optimistic. The launch of TRONs MainNet is a real big deal, though it doesn’t look the case at the moment, the next few weeks could be very interesting for TRON indeed.

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