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This TRON Partnership May See TRX To The Moon

This TRON Partnership May See TRX To The Moon
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This morning, TRON continues to perform against the grain in a market that looks to be taking yet another overall decline. Through the evening, TRON has made steady progression, with gains outlining the general theme of TRONs performance. What’s more, TRON still sits comfortably within the market cap top ten, in a very respectable ninth place. At the time of writing, TRON is valued at $0.092 and is up 2.24%. Okay, we must point out that this is down slightly from yesterdays peak value of $0.101, however, now TRON has comfortably broken into the $0.10 mark, we expect its good run to continue. We will no doubt see TRON fly past $0.10 on a more permanent basis soon enough. A new potential partnership on the horizon for TRON could mean that we see its value skyrocket, perhaps even to it’s record value of $0.259 as recorded at the start of 2018. According to YouTuber, BradsCrypto, TRON could be ready to announce a partnership with Alibaba. Rightfully, BradsCrypto relates TRONs good run to the launch of the TRON MainNet at the end of May, leading to the development of a TRON blockchain, with the system migrating from the Ethereum blockchain. It is indeed incredible to think that TRON has made it into the top ten without its own blockchain system in place. When this launches, we expect big things. You can see the video for yourself, here- What is Alibaba? Alibaba is the sixth largest internet company in the world, by revenue, generating an impressive $23.82Billion in 2017. Founded in 1999, Alibaba is an e-commerce, AI and technology group. Which trades on NYSE as BABA. The Alibaba partnership, what’s going on? As BradsCrypto argues, this is speculation at the moment, however, he believes that this partnership is possible, as, according to BradsCrypto, in essence, a network between officials within Alibaba and TRON already exists. This network, built upon friendships, includes TRON founder, Justin Sun and Alibaba’s Jack Ma. According to BradsCrypto it is known that Ma has invested in a taxi-application called Kuadi, created by a Weixing Chen. Chen at present is also a member of the TRON team and indeed, a close friend of Ma. Moreover, Sun, has, previously expressed interest in a partnership with Kuadi. See where this is going? Why is this important? Alibaba are of course, huge. Any partnership with Alibaba and a crypto-brand should be seen as critical, not just for the cryptocurrency in mind, but for the entire community on the whole. It does seem that some strong connections between Alibaba and TRON already exist and, with Alibaba having many fingers in many pies (so to speak) you can guess that the benefits for TRON here are huge. No official announcements are expected anytime soon and indeed, this is speculation based, but dot the I’s and cross the T’s… these connections have to make you wonder. When this happens, TRX and TRON will absolutely take off, there’s no doubt about it. Maybe the problem here is that actually at the moment, it is far less when and much more if. If this does happen though, we expect to see some very positive movements within the TRON community. Please check out BradsCrypto’s video, it offers some great insight into this topic, what he is saying here is both interesting and to be honest, a little bit exciting.

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