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TRON Hours Away From MainNet Launch So Why Is TRX Still Losing Value

TRON Hours Away From MainNet Launch So Why Is TRX Still Losing Value
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The vast majority of crypto-fanatics expected that, leading up to the launch of the TRON MainNet, we would see values skyrocket. Of course, the damp climate surrounding the markets has hampered the progression of many currencies and thus, many people have managed to blame the fall of TRON on this, however, as it stands the markets are pulsing upwards in a trend that seems to have left TRON behind. Overall, TRON is making no progress, with the MainNet launch looming, this isn’t what people expected to see. How is TRON doing now? At the time of writing, TRON is valued at $0.062, down 3.82%. Overall, this is a poor show for TRON, given that exactly one month ago, on the 30th of April, we saw TRON peak at $0.095. Take to social media, and you will see the likes of Justin Sun, founder of TRON remaining totally optimistic about the state of TRON and the upcoming launch, what should we take from this? Well, as the TRON foundation don’t seem to be worried about TRON’s low value, I guess for now, we must assume that they believe once the MainNet rolls out, then we will see things rise. This does seem likely, because really, the MainNet launch is inherently quite risky, so perhaps people are waiting until the waters are clear again and TRON has gained full independence before deciding to start to invest. Likewise, with the risk element up in the air here, many investors will likely sell off in the hours leading up to the MainNet launch, under the stress of the ‘what if’ scenario. Overall, we can’t see there being many issues with the rollout and expect it to take place just as planned. After the dust settles, hopefully then we will see TRON rise up and start to gain value once more. If TRON wishes to be a top three cryptocurrency, this really does need to happen. We are going to follow TRON closely from here onwards. This is a very big time for the team. We’re pretty excited about what may come of this. Stay tuned.

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