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Taking Ripple To Court Could See XRP Hit $2.50

Taking Ripple To Court Could See XRP Hit $2.50
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As we very well know, Ripple are seeing court proceedings taken out against them on the premise that XRP has been deemed as a security by one disgruntled investor. Clearly, the court case is having an impact on the value of XRP, considering that at the time of writing, XRP is valued at just $0.803 and is down 0.83%. Moreover, this coincides with the SEC’s investigations into Ripple’s currency. What exactly is a security? According to Investopedia:
“A security is any investment product that can be exchanged for value and involves risk. In order for an investment to be considered a security, it must be readily transferable between two parties and the owner must be subject to the loss of some, or all, of the invested principal. If the product is not transferable or does not contain risk, it is not a security.”
Read more, here- Now of course, many of us don’t really believe that XRP is a security, Ripple Labs included. However, with all of this in mind, you can see why many people are viewing XRP through a negative lens at the moment. Many news outlets are considering what will happen if the courts do deem XRP a security, what involvement will the SEC take, moreover, what regulations will be placed on XRP trading? What we should however consider is, what happens if the courts rule against the case, and prove that XRP is indeed, not a security? Well of course, two things will happen, firstly, the SEC will back off. With legal backing from the courts, it is unlikely the SEC will continue to probe Ripple. Secondly, and most importantly, this could provide big cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase the confirmation it needs regarding the status of XRP. This, in turn could lead to Coinbase immediately listing XRP and thus, the value of the currency will skyrocket. At the moment, we know Coinbase won’t touch XRP because of its association as a potential security, once a legal body defines that this is not the case, there’s nothing stopping XRP from jumping on the Coinbase train. A Ripple listing on Coinbase would then kick start a chain reaction, with other exchanges jumping on board, causing trading volumes to expand dramatically, we will see the price of XRP skyrocket. $1.00 will be a drop in the ocean, perhaps from the outset of this, we would see XRP hit $2.50 and beyond. Of course, this is speculative and there is every chance the courts could rule against XRP, in this instance, the damage done would be immense. Of course, Ripple could recover, but the implications for XRP here are huge. Pessimism aside, this court case really could be the start of something far bigger for Ripple and XRP as a currency.

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