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Is This A Sign That Subway Could Accept Verge XVG?
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Is This A Sign That Subway Could Accept Verge XVG?

Ever felt guilty about going into Subway and buying a foot-long? Ever dreamt of a universe that allows you to purchase a meatball marinara without it showing up on your bank account? Maybe, your dreams are about to become a reality. At this point, I’ll not that this isn’t the first fast-food based article we have done this week, we’ve also uncovered some evidence that suggests McDonalds in South Korea may be on the verge of accepting Bitcoin, check out our coverage of the story, here- Before I continue, this is speculation based. However, if there’s a chance Subway, an international fast-food franchise, could at least be interested in cryptocurrencies, it’s worth writing about. Verge are about to host a meet-up event in Amsterdam, in partnership with TokenPay. According to Verge:
“The meet-up will take place on the 9th of June in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and will take place on a boat, which we will cruise on through the Amsterdam canals. We will have several speakers and special guests during this event who will provide information about the Verge Currency project, blockchain development in general, as well as touch on topics related to other developments in the crypto space.”
See the full details for yourself, here- Subway are acting as sponsors for this event. As it stands, we can’t assess the full scale of this, but it does seem strange for a company like Subway to sponsor such a small-scale event, especially if they have no interest in the crypto-sphere. Moreover, perhaps this means somebody working for Verge, has a close connection at Subway, maybe even a relationship between the two, already exists? Like I said, this is entirely speculative, but the existence of Subway as a sponsor here could suggest that there is some sort of Verge x Subway partnership working behind the scenes. Either that, or Subway are merely just providing the catering for the event? Maybe one day we’ll be able to get hold of a BMT using cryptocurrencies, perhaps the Verge Meet Up will bring us more news on the matter over the coming days and weeks. Either way though, if it does happen… just remember, you saw it here first!

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