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Lamborghini Used To Market Cryptocurrency Exchange At Consensus 2018

Lamborghini Used To Market Cryptocurrency Exchange At Consensus 2018
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Slightly unusual news this week comes fresh from the Consensus blockchain conference in New York. Of course, it was only a matter of time before we started to hear stories of attendees flashing their cash, or flashing other assets in the case of Charlie Lee, who seems to be making conversation with fans and followers whilst using the toilet. Joking aside, Charlie Lee has recently passed comment about having to make conversation at the urinal, being a drawback to his increasing fame and notoriety, check out our coverage of this story, here- Also, don’t worry, there are no reports of him exposing himself to fans, so it’s all good. Attendees of the conference have noticed a group of Lamborghini super cars parked up outside the entrance. At first, this may just seem to be a case of very rich investors choosing to drive the Lamborghini to the conference, over their Ferrari or indeed their helicopter, but upon closer inspection, it seems this has just been a big marketing ploy, actioned by cryptocurrency exchange BitMex. This charade is seemingly common in cryptocurrency. You just need to take to YouTube to catch videos of investors who subtly place items of high value within camera shot. It’s a tiresome form of ego boosting that I believe most investors are uninterested in, however, in the pursuit of stardom, these investors feel the need to wave their assets around, if it makes them happy, so be it. The Lamborghinis seen, seem to have been loaned to BitMex by a company called ‘Broadway Supercars’, John Nouri, founder of the company told CNBC:
“We do a lot of this for a lot of companies all the time," Nouri said. "It's an attention grabber. It's for the people walking in. They all say once you make money in crypto, you buy a lambo. I never made money with crypto, but I have ten lambos.”
See the full report by CNBC, here: Since the cars cost around $1,000.00 per day, it does seem to be a very elaborate ploy from BitMex, however, it has got people talking and has placed the cryptocurrency exchange in the limelight. I can only assume that talk at consensus at the moment, is rife around this. BitMex have certainly managed to hit headlines, whether so far it has been worth $3,000.00 per day, we can’t tell but otherwise, the marketing team will be quite happy with this stunt. Well, of course they will… they got to drive around in Lamborghinis all day, you’ve got to ask yourself, who’s the real winner here? The take home message is this, use BitMex and eventually you’ll be able to buy three Lamborghini’s, apparently!

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