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IOTA is Reaping the Benefits from These Announcements

IOTA is Reaping the Benefits from These Announcements
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The good run of IOTA needs to be explored. We are seeing some really big things happening within the value of this currency and of course, with the team behind it at the IOTA Foundation, who as we know have carried out the successful launch of the new IOTA Ecosystem. Firstly, MOBI, or the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative which has been designed to utilise blockchain technology in order to make mobility safer, greener and more affordable. Some of the blockchain elements of MOBI are of course spearheaded by IOTA, according to Chris Ballinger, the CEO of MOBI:
"Blockchain and related trust enhancing technologies are poised to redefine the automotive industry and how consumers purchase, insure and use vehicles."
The project will utilise a number of partnerships, including the likes of BMW, Ford, General Motors, VeChain, IBM and Renault in order to run a whole range of mobility fine-tuning solutions. Such solutions include; Vehicle identity and data tracking, supply chain tracking, autonomous vehicle payments, mobile commerce, human driving data capture, car sharing and use based pricing for energy and insurance. Overall, the project aims to take the transport industry as we know it and use the blockchain to really fine-tune the hard points, giving us all, as customers of the transport industry, the opportunity to be part of a safer, cheaper and smarter solution to mobility. Since the IOTA foundation have a very key part in the development of this project, we only expect the value of IOTA to continue to rise, as a result. Next, we have very recently seen IOTA added to the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, this announcement has contributed to some great progression within IOTA over the past few hours as IOTA promises to continue rising up towards the $3.00 mark. We have recently carried out a more in depth analysis of the potential value of IOTA, you can see if for yourself, here-  Finally, tomorrow will see the roll out of yet another big cryptocurrency exchange listing for IOTA, this time on renowned exchange, Cobinhood. According to Cobinhood’s Medium page:
“Depositing and trading IOTA with BTC, ETH, and USDT trading pairs will be live on May 4th, while withdrawing will be enabled two weeks after listing.”
The above highlights some very specific, further advancements for IOTA that seems to be influencing its incredible price and progression right now. As we have mentioned in the attached article, IOTA has made some huge gains over the past few days, gains which have seen it move straight past TRON in terms of market cap and gains that really, we can’t see an end too. With the addition of Cobinhood and Huobi so close to the weekend, and of course with IOTA teetering on the brink of a move towards $3.00, all things considered, we could quite comfortably see IOTA hit $3.00 and beyond over the coming days and weeks. On a final note, we are going to keep an eye on the MOBI project, doesn’t it sound exciting?

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