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IOTA Continues Great Form in Wake of Qubic Announcement

IOTA Continues Great Form in Wake of Qubic Announcement
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It seems that this week, IOTA have made endless tracks towards the next phase of their development. Announcements such as MOBI and the launch of the IOTA Ecosystem have encouraged some great progression in the value of IOTA, I’m sure the IOTA Foundation will have plenty to celebrate this weekend. As these announcements congeal, IOTA is making great progress towards $3.00, perhaps as we go through the weekend, we could see IOTA surpass this and hit $4.00 by the start of the week. At the time of writing, IOTA stands at $2.50 and is up 10.21%. Considering the positive trend, we are seeing overall today, we can’t rule out a market surge at this point, if this is the case, IOTA will move past $3.00 with ease. What is Q? Qubic, or Q, is a key part of the next phase for IOTA, at the moment, details surrounding the full potential of Qubic are still a bit of a mystery. According to the Qubic website, a full announcement is expected to be made on the 3rd of June 2018. For now, IOTA have released a little teaser video, you can see it for yourself here- The video encompasses some unnerving music, alongside the suggestion that Qubic could provide some sort of inter-planetary smart contract-based transaction system, although I’m pretty confident that this is just for dramatic effect and that generally, Qubic has not been designed for the facilitation of cross-planet communications. At the end of the day, how many people do you know that live on Jupiter, for example. From the video, we can deduce that this certainly has something to do with smart contracts, although honestly, the IOTA Foundation are keeping the details very close to their chest, a quick trawl through Twitter confirms that really, nobody knows too much about Qubic, for the moment at least. As we near the 3rd of June, expect IOTA to continue to climb, it’s current good form looks to be continuing through the weekend, if so then as I say, we may see $3.00. As June approaches, anticipation is set to be rife. Once thing is certain, IOTA is going to have a very exciting month because of this.

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