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Is This Going To Rival The PornHub x Verge Partnership?
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Is This Going To Rival The PornHub x Verge Partnership?

Famed adult entertainment star, Stormy Daniels is alleged to have introduced a cryptocurrency rewards programme onto her website. As you may have guessed, Daniels’ website is of the adult entertainment designation and thus offers users an array of adult entertainment viewing. There is a big difference here between Daniels’ integration with cryptocurrency and the Verge x PornHub partnership. The latter, see’s the biggest adult entertainment website in the world, PornHub, begin to accept Verge payments in order to pay for their premium subscription service. Therefore, within this, Verge is listed among FIAT currencies, on the basis that through making Verge payments, privacy and anonymity is ensured, meaning those who wish to purchase a PornHub subscription, can do so without leaving a trace on their bank account. This partnership was met with a great deal of resistance, however, in the grand scheme of things it does provide a very promising outlook for cryptocurrency adoption, within the adult entertainment industry at least. Daniels’ will be rolling out a programme that simply rewards users of her website for viewing content, within this, users will receive a set number of tokens that can then be used in turn, to purchase premium content from the website, it’s sort of a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back’ situation, quite literally in some sense. The system will use Vice Industry Token (VIT) and thus, through engagement with Daniel’s website, users will be able to spend their VIT at other websites which accept the currency, the bulk of which, at the moment are all adult industry websites. Daniels’ website is owned by a company called Darkreach Communications, they will be rolling out VIT integration across 20 other adult entertainment websites owned by themselves, creating a new convergence culture across the adult entertainment industry. This really could provide a challenge to PornHub and Verge, given that here, users can earn the tokens without even having the buy it in the first place. The Verge system at the moment, requires users to convert FIAT into Bitcoin, then, Bitcoin into XVG, then they must go and buy the subscription. With VIT and Darkreach, users simply just need to watch videos to earn VIT, which they can then go and spend. According to Rob Murray, President of Darkreach:
"With VIT, everyone is going to make money – from the users on my sites, to myself and the performers. The way the VIT blockchain works, we all get a piece of the token, and the guaranteed genuine data is the icing in the cake."
This is a really interesting bit of cryptocurrency integration, made all the more interesting through the recent PornHub roll out. I imagine if they took foot a few months ago, people would see it as a novelty, now though, we believe this could provide PornHub and Verge some real competition.

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