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EOSIO Is On Track, Ignore What The News Reports Say!

EOSIO Is On Track, Ignore What The News Reports Say!
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There have been a number of false reports out very recently that state EOS is experiencing huge difficulties leading up to the launch of EOSIO, the EOS MainNet, as a part of Block.One’s development within the EOS ecosystem. See more about the involvement of Block.One in a recent report by ourselves, here- The launch of EOSIO V1 is due to take place on the 2nd of June 2018 and thus, anticipation is now starting to build for this. EOS as a currency is picking up pace and seeing some new value restored, given that very recently, EOS has taken a tumble and has been hampered by the over-arching market decline that has seen values sapped from currencies across the board. At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $12.39, up 8.55%. As we well know, EOS has recently reached new all-time highs, and, under a quick mathematical analysis, given a comfortable climate, EOS now has the capacity to reach up to $40.00, double its current all time high and something that could very well become quite possible, assuming EOSIO V1 rolls out successfully. This recent tweet from the EOS team highlights that as it stands, there is nothing stopping the launch of EOSIO from going ahead, despite some reports from news outlets saying otherwise. What next? Well, as we creep closer to the 2nd of June, we can expect the value of EOS to continue to rise. Hopefully, EOS can hold a value of around $15.00, putting it on a very good track towards $20.00 assuming the launch of EOSIO is a success. Let’s remember that this has been in the pipeline for some time and that both the EOS team and the Block.One team are prepared for almost any eventuality. In short, if something goes wrong, we should expect that both teams have already prepared for it. EOS has had an exciting few months, as it stands, things look as if they are about to get a lot more exciting too. For now, we will have to wait and see what happens, this time next week could set a very different scene for EOS, EOS investors and the EOSIO team.

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