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The Crypto Refresh May 11th

The Crypto Refresh May 11th
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The week is due to draw to a close, this can only mean one thing, the Crypto Refresh is here! Each week, we provide you with the hottest crypto-centric news, upon conclusion of the week, we like to issue a little summary of the weeks events. As ever, we have had a very busy week and have loads to talk about, sit back, grab a brew and read on! Bitcoin Core Lawsuit Abandoned Bitcoin Core attempted to crowdfund fees in order to take Ver and the Bitcoin Cash contingent to court. For various reasons, the campaign was halted and since, the heat between the two groups has cooled off somewhat. TRON TRON has edged ever closer to the launch of the TRON MainNet which will see TRX tokens migrate to their own blockchain, away from their current ERC-20 token status. In anticipation for this, TRON has made some great progress, as it stands, the state of the markets looks to be halting TRON’s progression, with that in mind however, we expect to see TRON rise up again over the next few weeks, in anticipation for the launch of the MainNet. Bytecoin Binance Listing Bytecoin finally announced a new listing on Binance, which saw the value of the currency spike by over 160%. Due to increased demand on the Bytecoin network and a bug within some old Bytecoin software, the team eventually had to shut the network down, leaving many investors lost and frankly afraid about what had happened to their assets. Operations within Bytecoin have now resumed and things do seem to be back on track, although the true value of Bytecoin still seems to be ultra-volatile at the moment, we’ll check back on this in a few days, hopefully then normal service will have been resumed. Ripple Taken to Court Over Security Status The first law suit in the pursuit against Ripple XRP has been filed, stating that Ripple are trading a security. Now, as it stands, it seems unlikely that Ripple will be truly affected by this, XRP as a currency is pretty safe and generally, many people can’t see how Ripple may lose this case. Overall though it has shaken the community up a little bit. As a result of this, Ripple has made very little progress this week. The current market decline therefore is having quite a dramatic impact on the value of XRP. PwC & VeChain Partnership Big news this week, PwC Hong Kong and PwC Singapore have entered a partnership with VeChain in the pursuit of exploring how blockchain technologies can have a positive impact on the professional services industry. VeChain have also recently announced their role within the new MOBI project and thus, the currency seems to be making great progression. It’s a pretty exciting time for the VeChain team at the moment, at least. Elon Musk Basically, long story short, Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX hinted on twitter that he wanted to open a sweet shop, in that, he also tweeted ‘Crypto Candy’. Now does this mean Musk is about to start his own cryptocurrency? Probably not, he’s probably just trolling us, it’s a cool idea though right. Now of course, this is just scratching the surface, we have seen yet another fast paced, news filled week, if you want to give yourself a full refresh, hit our breaking news page where you can refresh yourself on all this, and more - As ever, our coverage will continue through the weekend and into next week. Thanks for reading!

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