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Can EOS (EOS) Reach $100 By November 2018?
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Can EOS (EOS) Reach $100 By November 2018?

EOS Chart With Values EOS (EOS) continues to stay relevant in the crypto markets. Despite a big run up to $18 and marking new highs for the year, the cryptocurrency continues to demonstrate potential for further growth. EOS (EOS) was one of the first few coins to not only recover after the recent correction but to make new highs as well. EOS (EOS) had one of the most interesting ICOs last year which was stretched over a number of weeks so as to allow most investors to participate. Usually, during ICOs, investors with deep pockets use high gas to skip the queue and allow their transactions to be mined faster than the small guys. This often results in the ICO reaching its limit in just a matter of hours, in case of anticipated ICOs and thus the common investor cannot partake. EOS (EOS) has always tried to be user friendly and appears to be focused on the needs of the mainstream user. For instance, EOS (EOS) is recently working on DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) which would allow users to use their names or identities as their addresses instead of long boring codes. This could also be very useful and convenient for non tech people. So, if somebody wants to own EOS (EOS) and the coins they hold are marked on a blockchain against their identity, it will make it far easier and faster for most investors to buy and sell the coin. In addition to that, it will also eliminate the chances of theft or wallet hacks as the coins will be marked against every investor’s unique identity. As blockchain technology evolves, projects like EOS (EOS) are increasingly working on problems that mainstream investors face. For instance, in the absence of online wallets and other useful resources, it would have been very difficult for the average person to buy and securely store any cryptocurrencies 4 years back. Today, that seems not much of a problem thanks to projects like EOS (EOS) that has taken user interests in consideration as they evolved. The same kind of user friendliness is also seen when it comes to building Dapps on the EOS blockchain. Developers can code in languages that they already understand like C, C++ and Web Assembly. EOS (EOS) is also known for its scalability solutions which according to most developers will be one of the biggest challenges in the blockchain industry in the near future. EOS Chart With Values The price of EOS (EOS) seems ready to take off after a recent retracement. It has continued to trade in a strong bullish channel until now. The next rally will probably result in EOS (EOS) exiting the preexisting bullish channel and entering a new one. Most of the excitement can also be attributed to EOS (EOS)’s mainnet launch in June 2018. EOS (EOS) is already being dubbed as the “Ethereum Killer” and the recent support and recognition it has received from the crypto community might give it the ammunition it needs to accomplish just that.

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