Bitcoin Core Lawsuit Abandoned

Bitcoin Core Lawsuit Abandoned

The battle between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash went sour at the end of April, when a group of Bitcoin Care activists decided to launch a website in order to gather evidence and financial backing to take to court, to issue a lawsuit on Rodger Ver, the figurehead for Bitcoin Cash.  The motivation behind this came from reports within the Bitcoin Core camp which accused (owned by Ver) of misleading people into buying Bitcoin Cash, by essentially resonating ideas the Bitcoin Cash is the original Bitcoin and that Bitcoin Core was the product of a hard fork, or a sentiment to that effect at least. The website- was established in order to allow the campaign to generate funding in order to be able to fund court action.  After just under a week of operation and campaigning, the website has been retracted and the campaign has been closed, essentially due to a lack of funding. One of the key people behind the campaign, Money Trigz took to Twitter to announce that they had a slight change of plan:

“We appreciate the 31 people that donated to the initiative But $3700 wont be enough to do much, so we decided to cancel the initiative and refund the 31 transactions (total 0.39btc) im happy were able to atleast get bitcoincom make 90% changes on its fraude and dis-information.” [sic] 

Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin has also weighed in on this:

It really seems that what’s happened here is two things. First of all, Ver has obviously backed down somewhat, although I assume this was with a great deal of reluctance. Secondly though, it does look as if the Bitcoin Core campaign really did fail to make any substantial traction. All in all, they received 31 donations, okay yes, they did make over $3000.00, but for such a big community and such a big movement, it’s pretty concerning that only 31 people actually wanted to donate right? Maybe, this suggests that this level of petty warfare isn’t welcomed within the cryptocurrency community. Did people ignore this campaign because actually, they just want to concentrate on their own product? That at least does seem to be the case here. Of course, the Bitcoin Core vs Bitcoin Cash battle raises on and I do suspect this isn’t the last we will see of this. 

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