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Big Updates For The IOTA TestNet

Big Updates For The IOTA TestNet
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There are few cryptocurrency communities with the same clarity and precision of IOTA. As a team, they strive for transparency, through their open updates and of course, through their community spirit. By keeping everybody in the loop with every little thing that happens behind the doors of IOTA, investors and fans alike, gain access to a richer and far more immersive experience. This spirit is of course reflected back into the value of IOTA as a currency, a currency that despite the poor market conditions, is still performing quite well. At the time of writing, IOTA is valued at $1.51, up 2.61%. This gain is significant, given that the top end of the market is still looking negative overall. We can however see some signs of recovery start to move the markets upwards, something that we expect to bring us a little bit of good fortune through the weekend. In some recent and exciting updates, Head of Engineering for the IOTA Foundation, Edward Greve has taken to Medium to issue an update on some new movements for the IOTA TestNet. For those who don’t know, IOTA operate an external Tangle that is often referred to as a TestNet. It’s used for testing different features and allows developers to test new software etc. Really, it’s an essential part of maintaining the overall IOTA Ecosystem. In this new update, the TestNet will see some new developments through the inception of a DevNet, a SpamNet and a few other, new TestNets. According to Greve:
“Having this variety of large, public testnets will allow both the Foundation’s own R&D teams, as well as those of our developer community, to work and experiment in more realistic environments, to speed up the development workflow, and to help close the gap between a local development machine and the IOTA Mainnet.”
This is an exciting time for the IOTA Foundation and the team behind IOTA. Things certainly look promising to say the least. Whilst these news launches may not have a direct impact on the average IOTA user, they do provide some reassurance to the community that IOTA are driving their brand, their system and their currency forward, through constant innovation and creation. It is this passion, that will see IOTA skyrocket into a future that rotates around the ever-growing, IOTA Ecosystem.

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