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Augur Skyrockets Under New Listing, Up 60%

Whilst the rest of the markets drop, quite quickly in fact, Augur is riding a wave at the moment. Because of this, Augurs progression is really standing out in the markets, it’s market capitalisation has jumped and thus, as has its value. It’s a good time to be an Augur investor it seems.

Augur has just been listed on Binance, we can assume that this has had a very positive impact on the value of the currency – let’s hope they don’t suffer from this in the same way Bytecoin has. If you’re not aware of the Bytecoin saga, check out our recent coverage of it, here-

Back to it, the listing for Augur on Binance is huge, it allows Augur to enter a mainstream exchange and thus gives a huge new customer base access to the currency, this is reflected in its huge market capitalisation jump.

At the time of writing, Augur is valued at $81.55 and is up 68.37%, with a market capitalisation of $897,099,500.00. Considering that at this time, all major currencies are down by a significant amount, you can see how and why Augur is really standing out. At the time of writing, Augur now ranks 30th for market capitalisation according to

The listing of Augur on Binance has allowed Augur to move up from a value near $45.00 so, as you can probably assume, many investors will have taken some positive returns here. What we should however consider is that, due to the state of the market at the moment, Augur is unlikely to be able to maintain this climb for a long period of time and therefore, many investors will be looking to sell, as soon as possible.

This is unfortunate, as, if the markets looked more positive, this may not have been the case, it is however safe to assume that as things stand at the moment, Augur looks to be running a one-horse race, a race that will soon come to an end as the ground dampens and the weather closes in around it.

For now, we should keep an eye on Augur and see how it progresses. It has made up some real value here and hopefully, it can maintain a value of over $60.00, if it manages this, given the current market, we can start to see Augur as a real contender, making its way up the rankings.

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