Why The Decline In TRON May Only Be Short Lived

Why The Decline In TRON May Only Be Short Lived

. It had a good run but of late, we have seen far less interest in the currency, possibly down to it’s bad form recently. Well, I say bad form - the form of TRON hasn’t exactly been terrible, but it has laid out a very average trajectory recently, meaning little has happened in the TRON camp that has encouraged the name to hit headlines. TRON did make the most of the mid-April market surge, shooting up to $0.056, this however was short lived as by the end of the surge, TRON stooped the $0.049.  Since then, steady gains have been made, but, there's been nothing significant to talk about. At the time of writing, TRON stands at $0.053 and is down 1.07%. It’s not a huge drop, but it is a drop, something which cryptocurrencies don’t want to be affiliated with at the moment. Luckily though, it does seem that there is now a way out for TRON, one which over time, may encourage the currency to rack up some real value. What’s happened? Well, this is somewhat speculation based at the moment, however, according to Ethereum World News, TRON are set to open a brand new office in Taiwan, expanding the scope of the brand and of course the reach of the currency. We all know that true cryptocurrency adoption relies on international collaboration, if this is true, then this is a very significant step. To ease the uncertainty around speculation, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON published a tweet, in which he states:

“TRON will open an office in Taiwan soon, and participate in the Taiwan Blockchain Self-Regulatory Organization”.

Okay, this at least suggests that there is some good authority behind the speculation. Twitter followers of Sun have responded to this in very different ways. Some seem to suggest that this will have no effect on TRONs apparent poor value. Others, believe this announcement will cause TRON to sky rocket. Others, are just using this as an opportunity to get some free merch...

Ethereum World News have added:

“Justin and the Tron Foundation have a front row seat in Crypto-verse history as they participate in the first ever self regulating crypto organization that has the full backing of a country’s government. This is revolutionary and welcome news for anyone who has seen blow after blow on crypto by Governments and Central Banks across the globe. Three Cheers for Taiwan!”

Regardless of what people are saying, this is a significant announcement for TRON. Should this be true, whether it changes the value of the currency or not, it is a positive movement for the blockchain industry. One more office in one more location is one more step in the right direction, thats if you’re an adoption advocate. Of course, if you want to keep crypto all to yourself, you’ll hate this.

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