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Verge Sky Rockets In Anticipation For Huge Announcement
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Verge Sky Rockets In Anticipation For Huge Announcement

Today is the day, the 17th of April, time for Verge’s apparently huge partnership announcement. It was supposed to be yesterday according to Verge Dev’s video, but oh well… What’s happening so far? So, we know the full press release is due at 10:00 EST, meaning it will hit the UK’s shores at 15:00 this afternoon. Verge is starting to sky rocket in anticipation for this announcement, at the time of writing it is valued at $0.11 and is climbing at 34.46% with no sign of letting up. As we get closer to the 15:00 deadline, we expect this currency to continue climbing. What happens next will really be down to the news that they share. Here’s a quick recap of the Verge journey thus far: Last month, Verge set up a crowdfunding campaign in which they raised 75,000,000 XVG in order to carry out some essential upgrades, marketing work and most importantly in order to finalise a ‘huge’ partnership. Since the campaign, Verge had promised to announce news of the partnership, mid-April. During this time, Verge suffered a 51% attack which saw the value of the currency drop significantly. This aired speculation about what was going to happen with their announcement, would there even be an announcement? The attack, led to a hard fork which fortunately set Verge right. Verge then made a full recovery during the mid-April market surge. This brings us back on track, to today, patiently waiting for the 15:00 announcement. What next? Well, if the announcement is as big as Verge are promising, we expect to see this growth within Verge continue to shoot upwards, we may even see it’s growth rate double. If the announcement turns out to be something a little more disappointing then we expect to see the growth cease up, perhaps the value of Verge won’t decrease just yet, but the subsequent bad press that would be generated from this would no doubt see the Value of Verge sink by the end of the week. In a quick post on, today, a Verge Developer posted this:
“About a month and a half ago we were approached by our new partners with the prospects of them adopting us to their business. Without hesitation, we jumped on this opportunity with the understanding that it is destined to be one of the biggest adoptions of cryptocurrency in the entire industry.”
“This partner owns one of the largest payment processors on the internet with several hundreds of businesses routing their payment traffic through them. The partner is going to be supporting Verge Currency by rolling out a global marketing campaign with continuous marketing effort throughout the year.”
This is a very exciting time for Verge, a good announcement will see some big changes for this company and their currency, lets hope we aren’t left with a bitter taste instead though.

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